Dressing The Air is the brainchild of the London-based artist Paul Schütze.

In a career spanning 30 years, Schütze has exhibited his photographic and installation works in galleries and museums around the world, released over thirty albums of original recordings, scored a number of films and performed numerous concerts. He has collaborated with artists such as James Turrell, Josiah McElheny and Isaac Julien and musicians as diverse as Bill Laswell, Raoul Björkenheim, Toshinori Kondo, Lol Coxhill and Jah Wobble.

Dressing The Air is a unique open resource that aims to enrich creative thinking by encouraging a multi-sensory approach. A constantly evolving archive and creative news feed, Dressing The Air monitors and reports on a diverse range of art-forms from cinema to sculpture, painting to furniture design, land-art to perfumery.


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Gego (Gertrude Goldschmidt)


Radical Geometry: Modern Art of South America - Royal Academy - London

The startling vitality present in this collection of works is thrilling today. One can only imagine the impact these pieces must have had when first exhibited as early as the mid 1930's. A move...
Martin Firrell


It Ends Here - Martin Firrell - Waterloo Vaults

Public artist Martin Firrell mines the popular cultural phenomena which is the Planet Of The Apes saga (in particular the imminent Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes with its themes of human behavior a...
Papillon Artisan Perfumes


Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Papillion seems to have sprung, beautifully formed, from nowhere. Samples of the first three perfumes have been doing the rounds for a while and arousing a good deal of interest. The reason for thi...
Copyright the Pace Gallery


Adrian Ghenie - Golems - Pace Gallery - London

Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie is one of the finest painters of his generation. Many of his works are formed around the traumas of modern European history. This exhibition at Pace London concentrate...
Ed Atkins


Ed Atkins - Ribbons - Serpentine Gallery

The meteoric rise of Ed Atkins continues with this startling new work installed both in London's Serpentine Gallery and at Palais De Tokyo in Paris. The two installations differ somewhat in the...


Wolfgang Tillmans revised monograph published by Phiadon

Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans releases an expanded version of the sell out monograph originally published in 2004 through Phiadon. This comprehensive document includes interviews, essays and the a...
All Saints Records


Jon Hassell - City - Works Of Fiction - 3 Disc expanded version on All Saints.

One of the truly unique instrumental voices of the last half century, Jon Hassell has redefined the trumpet as a compositional sound. His explorations of oblique phrasing, post-drupad melodic struc...
Bill Viola


Bill Viola - Grand Palais- Paris

What looks to be an extensive retrospective of Bill Viola's meditative, stately video pieces is currently installed in the appropriately portentous surroundings of Paris's Grand Palais. Ove...
Michael Burk

Kepler's Dream - Michael Burk

Kepler's Dream is a brilliant fusion of almost antique analog projection methods with state of the art 3D modeling and printing. There is something hugely engaging about the direct physical connection necessary to view this work, the clear evidence of cause and effect, the great beauty of the simple optics employed. The light phenomena revealed are every bit as complex as the minute modelin...
Kimchi and Chips

Light Barrier - Kimchi and Chips

The earliest fictional visualizations of holographic projection fired the imagination of all who saw them. Free - standing 3D projections have existed as a bench mark of "future tech" ever since. The technique of projecting onto mist or smoke has been explored in several artworks over the last decade but 3D scanning has now enabled us to generate images with physical depth. Kimchi and...
The Acid - Mute Records

Video for Basic Instinct - The Acid

Mute have just released the debut album Liminal by The Acid. This video for the track Basic Instinct very beautifully captures the somnambulant mood of the music by slowing the footage so dramatically one is effectively taken through a series of memorably arresting stills. The subject and context feel rooted in traditions of Persian miniature painting particularly as some of the more impossible...
Matthew Simmonds

Matthew Simmonds - architectural sculptures

The architectural sculptures of Matthew Simmonds play upon ideas of scale, antiquity, enclosure and the very fundamental psychological bedrock of our relationship with the spaces we occupy. There is a profound sense of understanding this typology of forms and voids as our lives are spent almost entirely, navigating, personalizing and reimagining the built spaces of our urban environments. The m...
Matthew Barney

Music for Matthew Barney's - River Of Fundament - Jonathan Bepler

Matthew Barney’s epic River Of Fundament is impossible to discus in the short form available here. However the astonishing score by Jonathan Bepler needs to be heralded for what it is: a blueprint for an altogether new approach in the articulation/integration of sound with image. Indeed the word score seems hardly adequate for what is entirely integral to the total work, quite inseparable...
Thames and Hudson

The Sick Rose - Richard Barnett - published by Thames and Hudson

The Sick Rose documents the illustration of disease and the material frailties of the human condition in the 19th century. In the time before photography, during industrialization and the renewal of urban disease which accompanied it, this morbidly beautiful volume depicts an alarming wealth of disorders through painstakingly detailed and accurate images. Richard Barnett  describes the exa...
Thomas Joshua Cooper

The photographs of Thomas Joshua Cooper

Thomas Joshua Cooper is one of the truly great landscape photographers of this or any decade. His rigorous methodology: researching locations (usually remote) traveling with his heavy field camera and finally making a single exposure before returning to the darkroom, transforms the act of image capture into a ritual of physical meditation. The resultant prints are exquisite and impossible to re...
Dane Penland, Smithsonian Institution

The Great Picture - 3000 Square foot photograph at The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Officially the worlds largest photograph, taken by the world's largest camera. An army of volunteers turned an aircraft hanger into a light-fast box and exposed a vast canvas via a quarter inch aperture. Now on display at The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center the image is inextricably linked to its location causally and physically. The six arti...
Cover art

Catch 33

47.5 minutes of extreme Math Metal. One continuous piece of characteristic, complex rhythmic experimentation.
Paul Schütze

Queen Mary's Rose Garden

A circular form garden in which hundreds of rose varieties are diplayed in specacular formation.
Film still

The House of Cyrus Kriticos

An intricate and complicated house in which all surfaces are transparent, etched glass animated by elaborate and often visible mechanisms which can reconfigure access and hence movement through the structure. The entire house behaves like a gigantic mechanised puzzle-box.
Cover art

The Black Clock

A mysterious place/landmark which reappears in several of the novels of Steve Erickson despite their diverse locations and chronologies.
Cover art


Six pieces of ineffably subtle yet completely engulfing sound which dissolve all ideas of distance and proximity until the listener is in a state of complete aural neutrality. After hearing this music the world sounds different.

Vetiver Extraordinaire

Bergamot, Bigarade Orange, Pink pepper, Nutmeg, Floralozone, Haïtain Vetyver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Oak moss, Myrrh, Cashmeran, Musketone, Tonalide - A triumph of earthy, smoky opacity laden with gleaming detail and subtle flashes of light. It evolves constantly around the wearer. Like wearing the phantom of an impossibly majestic forest.
book jacket

Touch Me!

Gregor Eichinger's work with the idea of the Benuzeroberfläche; the user interface or experience of architecture, raises a host of fascinating ideas. The neglect of sensory intellegence he identifies in current practice is beautifully explaned. This conversation with architect Eberhardt Tröger ranges over a wide area and is completed by a pictorial essay and some very instructive ...
Josiah McElheny

Model For Total Abstractive Reflection

A grouping of complex, mirror surfaced glass forms on an entirely mirrored  dias.