Dressing The Air is the brainchild of the London-based artist Paul Schütze.

In a career spanning 30 years, Schütze has exhibited his photographic and installation works in galleries and museums around the world, released over thirty albums of original recordings, scored a number of films and performed numerous concerts. He has collaborated with artists such as James Turrell, Josiah McElheny and Isaac Julien and musicians as diverse as Bill Laswell, Raoul Björkenheim, Toshinori Kondo, Lol Coxhill and Jah Wobble.

Dressing The Air is a unique open resource that aims to enrich creative thinking by encouraging a multi-sensory approach. A constantly evolving archive and creative news feed, Dressing The Air monitors and reports on a diverse range of art-forms from cinema to sculpture, painting to furniture design, land-art to perfumery.


jacob Hashimoto

East Wing Biennial - Courtauld Institute - London

This student run Biennial inaugurated by Joshua Compston in 1991 when a student himself, finds the fabric of the institute being mined for meaning. A diverse selection of works by known and lesser ...
The Necks

Vertigo - The Necks -

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing this trio perform knows they are peerless. I've seen them regularly over the last three decades and, in that time, witnessed perhaps two shows which di...
Hauser & Worth

Anj Smith - Phosphor Of The Palms - Hauser & Worth - London

Perhaps it is the small scale of these works, the exquisite precision of the painting, the preciosity of Smith's technique, but they are uniformly engrossing in ways often unavailable to monume...
Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei - Royal Academy - London

Several years in the planning and informed significantly by the artist's parallel discipline of architecture, this ambitious show was designed remotely during Ai's lengthy "grounding&q...
Thames & Hudson

The World Atlas Of Tattoo - Anna Felicity Friedman - Thames & Hudson

This is a comprehensive, art-historical survey of the history and contemporary practice of tattooing. Friedman is a historian of the tattoo with an acute sense of thematic evolution and its extrapo...
Royal Academy

Joseph Cornell - Royal Academy

From a modest body of work constructed in quiet obscurity, Cornell's influence continues to resonate throughout the cultural landscape. Something universal in the urge to capture and classify, ...

Agnus Martin - Tate Modern

Tate Modern have installed a superlative selection of Martin's transcendent oeuvre. There is no doubt that at least an element of her relative obscurity (particularly in relation to her male co...
David Zwirner

Black Mould - Michaël Borremens - David Zwirner London

This show has been thoughtfully installed in the gallery spaces, enclosed by the high, dark painted walls and precisely lit with framed spots. For the most part the works are small, meticulously pa...
Bruce Conner

Crossroads - Bruce Conner - Thomas Dane, London.

Crossroads is an important document in the history of the moving image. Made in 1976, Conner uses some of the extravagant mountain of government documentation made during the Bikini Atol atomic tes...
Mack - Media Space

Revelations - Experiments in Photography - Media Space - MACK

This book serves as a catalog for the current show at the London Science Museum's Media Space but it more than stands on it's own. A survey of the tremendously important role played in cont...
© 2015 Michal Rovner/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Michal Rovner - Panorama - Pace London

The multi-screen video works Rovner presents for this show manage to confound virtually every expectation one might bring to works in this medium. Eschewing any notion of narrative, displacing idea...
David Zwirner

Carol Bove - The Plastic Unit - David Zwirner - London

Carol Bove's investigations into materiality, the power of context and the grammar of forms are rigorous and seductive. The works, which combine both found and constructed elements are vividly ...
Ryoji Ikeda

Supersymmetry - Ryoji ikeda - Vinyl Factory - London

Ryoji Ikeda's work has consolidated over the last two decades into an aesthetics of information. At once transcendent and acutely ornamental, the sonic/optical fusion of digital data is designe...

Savage Beauty - Alexander McQueen - Victoria & Albert Museum

I missed the New York incarnation of this show so can't compare the two but there is no question that with Savage Beauty the V&A have mounted possibly their finest exhibition in the last tw...
Laurence King Publishing

Inferno: Alexander McQueen

Complimenting the arrival of Savage Beauty, the epic Alexander McQueen exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, Inferno offers a glimpse of the machine behind McQueen's notoriousl...

Optical Circuit - 0x4015

Prize winner in Tokyo Demofest 2015 this is a glorious piece of coding which, through clever design and some nifty depth of field illusions creates a rolling series of spacial reveals of great comp...
John Gerrard

Farm - John Gerrard - Thomas Dane Gallery - London

John Gerrard's digital simulations of "real world" locations go far beyond the super-precise levels of detail visible on screen. Farm and Solar Reserve, both calculate the passage of ...
Larence King Publishing

Logo & Symbol - mini edition handbooks - Angus Hyland and Steven Bateman

The distillation of complex ideas into symbol or phrase form is probably one of mankind's oldest impulses and certainly one of the most enduring. These two crisply designed manuals have been as...

Uncube Magazine No 29

The reliably excellent online Uncube Magazine explores structures after dark in issue No 29. From our efforts to reshape the darkness, photo-essays on the nocturnal lives of buildings to the stagge...
Young Replicant

Flying Lotus - Coronus, The Terminator - video - Young Replicant

A darkly beautiful video for this restless hymn to the inevitable and unknowable. There is always danger in attaching narratives to music particularly when the principal strength of that music is a...

[SENJOUGAHARA YOUSEI] Dream Generator (造梦器) feat. Luo Tianyi (Vocaloid)

This is a fabulous genre mashup between Djent (7-8 string, choppy, adrenaline math-metal) Jpop (squeaky, shiny, Japanese schoolgirl cuteness) and Anime (I'm going to assume that needs no explan...

Morton Feldman - Two Pianos and other Pieces - John Tilbury, Philip Thomas - Another Timbre

The two discs of music included in this release bring together works that differently explore Morton Feldman's twin preoccupations: the very behavior of sound itself and the perception of time....
Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman Super 8 - James Mackay - Thames & Hudson

It is unlikely there is anyone more qualified to present this book than it's author James Mackay. As producer and collaborator on virtually all of Jarman's films his knowledge and insight i...
Laurence King Publishing

Post Photography: The Artsits With A Camera - Robert Shore

Conversations about the veracity/reliability of photography as a witness are as old as photography itself. True, the ease with which an image may be transformed beyond recognition has never been gr...
GV Art

Lost In Fathoms - Anaïs Tondeur - GV Art - London

GV Art's remit of curating the art/science interface has yielded some brilliant shows. This, so far, is one of the most absorbing. In her collaboration with Professor Jean-Marc Chomaz of CNRS, ...
Thames & Hudson

Cartier In The 20th Century - Margaret Young-Sánchez - Thames & Hudson

Cartier's long history of ultra-lux design and fabrication, of contriving ever more splendid vehicles for ornament, reveals a fascinating order of objects in which function is utterly secondary...
Antony Crolla

Issey Miake store - London - Tokujin Yoshioka

Designer Tokujin Yoshioka currently seems to own the idea of crystalline precision and reductive beauty. His practice spans interiors, furniture, elaborate installed environments and objects. Havin...
Jesse Kanda


LP1 - FKA Twiggs -

After the perfect jewel that was EP1, FKA Twiggs produces this brittle, elegant album of dimension-hopping loveliness. Hovering somewhere just beyond the zone in which music solidifies into familia...
Nadav Kander

Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age - Barbican - London

Very few of us are lucky enough to form opinions about global architecture through extensive direct experience. Indeed when people are asked to name their ten favorite buildings, more often than no...
Pierre Huyghe

Human Mask - Pierre Huyghe - Hauser & Worth - London

I have to commend this film while giving the reader as little information as possible so you might come to it as I did, completely unprepared. That it involves a human mask is difficult to withhold...

Cuir d'Ange - Jean-Claude Ellena - Hermés

In what will be one of his parting gestures as Jean-Claude Ellena passes the baton at Hermés to Christine Nagel, he makes certain his legacy is set in stone. Ellena is, despite his exclusive...
Thames and Hudson

How To Write About Contemporary Art - Gilda Williams - Thames & Hudson

This may at first seem an odd inclusion on DTA but bear with me. So much of what we examine here is about observation: the process of perception through the senses, of making sense of the world. Wh...
Fondazione Prada

Art Or Sound - Fondazione Prada - Venice

This historical survey charts the relationship between art and sound from early allusions to the audible in the pictorial through the fascination with sounding automata and impossible instruments t...
Yuki Mukai

Fogscape #47412 - Fujiko Nakaya - Sapporo Art Museum

Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has been developing the idea of these atmospheric interventions for some time. Indeed this is numbered 47412 so perhaps longer than we know. This one has been develope...
Andy Thomas


Nightingale and Canary - audio life forms - Andy Thomas

Dressing The Air often visits projects which offer visualizations (or perhaps cross-sensory simulations is more apt) of information from aural, numerical, tactile sources. Andy Thomas has produced ...
Nabil Elderkin

Two Weeks - video for FKA Twigs - Nabil Elderkin

In the week when her long awaited debut LP1 is launched we draw your attention to the latest in a number of elegantly unsettling videos married to Twigs brittle, breathless songs. Her two EPs of ex...
Jack Hems

Scapegoating Pictures For London - Gilbert & George - White Cube - Bermondsey

This show could be considered as much an installation work as an exhibition of pictures. The sheer scale of the hang and the density of works sets up an environment which deftly mirrors the urban l...

teamLab - Ultra Subjective Space - Pace Gallery - New York

The collective of Japanese specialist technologists known as teamLab present Ultra Subjective Space, their first US show of video works at Pace Gallery New York. The application of leading-edge dig...
Gego (Gertrude Goldschmidt)

Radical Geometry: Modern Art of South America - Royal Academy - London

The startling vitality present in this collection of works is thrilling today. One can only imagine the impact these pieces must have had when first exhibited as early as the mid 1930's. A move...
Martin Firrell

It Ends Here - Martin Firrell - Waterloo Vaults

Public artist Martin Firrell mines the popular cultural phenomena which is the Planet Of The Apes saga (in particular the imminent Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes with its themes of human behavior a...
Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Papillion seems to have sprung, beautifully formed, from nowhere. Samples of the first three perfumes have been doing the rounds for a while and arousing a good deal of interest. The reason for thi...
Copyright the Pace Gallery

Adrian Ghenie - Golems - Pace Gallery - London

Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie is one of the finest painters of his generation. Many of his works are formed around the traumas of modern European history. This exhibition at Pace London concentrate...
Ed Atkins

Ed Atkins - Ribbons - Serpentine Gallery

The meteoric rise of Ed Atkins continues with this startling new work installed both in London's Serpentine Gallery and at Palais De Tokyo in Paris. The two installations differ somewhat in the...

Wolfgang Tillmans revised monograph published by Phiadon

Photographer Wolfgang Tillmans releases an expanded version of the sell out monograph originally published in 2004 through Phiadon. This comprehensive document includes interviews, essays and the a...
All Saints Records

Jon Hassell - City - Works Of Fiction - 3 Disc expanded version on All Saints.

One of the truly unique instrumental voices of the last half century, Jon Hassell has redefined the trumpet as a compositional sound. His explorations of oblique phrasing, post-drupad melodic struc...
Bill Viola

Bill Viola - Grand Palais- Paris

What looks to be an extensive retrospective of Bill Viola's meditative, stately video pieces is currently installed in the appropriately portentous surroundings of Paris's Grand Palais. Ove...
Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky - White Cube - Bermondsey

White Cube Bermondsey present an arresting selection of more recent Andreas Gursky works focusing on the ambiguities often present in the artists photographs. Many of these works easily exceed the ...

Noise: Error In The Void - ScanLAB - Surface Gallery - London

As our ability to encode, scan, encapsulate, distil and record our environment accelerates, we risk mistaking detail for truth and complexity for meaning. ScanLAB have used sophisticated LIDAR devi...
Lebbeus Woods

Lebbeus Woods, Architect - The Drawing Centre - New York

Now on the second leg of it's journey Lebbeus Woods, Architect comes "home" to The Drawing Center in New York. Visionary, theoretician and dammed fine draftsman, Woods exemplified an ...
Wolfgang Volz

Urbanscreen Projects - 320 Degree Licht - Gasometer Oberhausen

The arts program of The Gassometer Oberhausen continues this year with The Appearance Of Beauty. The vast upper spaces of the gassometer house a colossal 3D mapping projection (over 16,000 Sq meter...
Michael Reidel

Michael Reidel - Laws Of Form - David Zwirner - London

This is Michael Reidel's first London exhibition with David Zwirner Gallery. The works, which span numerous projects and, essentially, in Reidel's work, reference both prior elements from h...
Rowman & Littelfield

The Multisensory Museum - Nina Levent & Alvaro Pascual-Leone

Combining recent neurological findings, curatorial innovations and psychological insights the essays collected here focus on the potential within the museum experience to effectively provide richly...
White Cube Gallery

Miroslaw Balka - DIE TRAUMDEUTUNG 25,31m AMSL - White Cube - Mason's Yard

This is part of a two part show, the second currently installed in the Freud Museum in London. Miroslaw Balka, who's work is rigorously conceptual, often dealing in physical sensations and orie...
Thames & Hudson

Byoung Cho - monograph - Thames & Hudson

Byoung Cho should be a great deal more well known than he is. But then his discrete profile and quiet rise to prominence sit well with his entire creative ethos. This monograph documents work that ...
Adrian Ghenie

Adrian Ghenie at Tim Van Laere Gallery Antwerp

Adrian Ghenie's work is astonishingly accomplished; prodigious for one so young. Even his earliest paintings have extraordinary presence and depth and are consequently greatly sought after. The...

Bellami retro digital super 8 camera

The expression "if it ain't broke ... etc" springs to mind here. The recent history of camera design has seen radical and rapid shifts as the fundamental mechanism by which images are...
Tate Britain

Ruin Lust - Tate Britain

In Ruin Lust, Curator Brian Dillon has assembled an eclectic and illuminating selection of works ranging from John Martin's painting of Pompeii in peril to Rachel Whiteread's transfixing ph...
Shigeru Ban

The briliant Shigeru Ban wins the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize

In a decision already inflaming debate across various media, the Pritzker Architecture Prize for 2014 has been awarded to Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. Coming soon after recent statements from ce...
Matin Firrell


Public artist Martin Firrell's latest project is an online portrait/oracle built around the national treasure that is Fenella Fielding. Charming, charismatic and smart as a whip, Ms Fielding he...
Jonathan Glazer

Under The Skin - Jonathan Glazer

It is too early in the release life of this film to discuss details and plot. Too many of you have the enviable prospect of a first viewing ahead and I urge you to enter the cinema unburdened by ca...
United Visual Artists

Momentum - United Visual Artists - Barbican Curve - London

Once again United Visual Artists prove they are in a class of their own when it comes to exploring difficult ideas with clarity and seemingly limitless ingenuity. This installation acts as a medita...

Moncler's hydraulic choir

Alpine outfitters Moncler staged one of the more arresting events at New York Fashion week. Down-suited singers strapped to robotic pivots gamely sang on whilst being tipped and tilted in formation...
Soundscape Archtecture

Soundscape Architecture - Karen Van Lengen

Karen Van Lengen has created a series of sonic portraits of iconic buildings rendered here with beautiful animations. We are regularly treated to attempts to create meaningful concilience between d...
Pace Gallery

James Turrell at Pace London

This show of new works proceeds a trio of large scale retrospectives mounted in the US in 2013. Four relatively small scale installations occupy Pace's Burlington Gardens site, each characteris...
Liu Wei

Liu Wei - Density - White Cube, Mason's Yard, London

Transformation of material and matter is an ongoing theme for DTA. It is also fundamental to the practice of Liu Wei who seems determined to render the materials of Beijing's current rapid tran...

Aesop Kyoto - Simplicity

Once more the clear policy of bespoke stores for each new location has enabled Aesop to express something of the spirit of Kyoto through this elegant, beautifully detailed interior. The Japanese de...
Hanna Höch

Hanna Höch - Whitechapel Gallery

Without question the mother of contemporary collage, Hanna Höch was also a maverick innovator,  wildly ahead of her time. This perfectly curated show goes some way to remedying the baffli...
William S Burroughs

Burroughs, Lynch and Warhol - The photographer's Gallery - London

Three discrete shows, three figures of huge cultural importance, between them producing unquestionably seminal works across numerous media. Lynch presents a series of gritty, (Lynchian) B&W sho...
Royal Academy

Sensing Spaces

A group of architects are here charged with creating gallery installations which illuminate the often neglected sensory potential of architectural practice and environments. There are some interest...
Oliver Harrison

Apocalypse Rhyme - Oliver Harrison

This is a glorious piece of animated typography further enhanced by excellent sound and a dark wit. There is something irresistible about text, exponentially amplified by added movement. This has a...
Black Cat Films

Book Hive - Rusty Squid

This is a tantalizing trailer for Rusty Squid's project Book Hive. An interactive robotics project, this looks as though it might feel akin to being transported into a Quay Brothers film. Wonde...
Bennett Barbakow


Hartmann's scent concert - The Institute Of Art And Olfaction

The ill fated though heroic attempt by Sadakichi Hartmann to stage an olfactory concert in 1902 revealed a brilliant if rarified thinker ahead of his time. Even now this would be a radical and...
Gert-Jan Van Rooij


Type / Dynamics

For their part of the exhibition Type/Dynamics : Jurriaan Schrofer/Lust, Lust have devised a room populated solely by interactive projections. Taking the meticulously hand-drawn typography of Schro...
Frederich Kunath


I'm Running Out Of World

This is a small and thrilling glimpse into the brilliantly fizzing universe of Frederich Kunath. One realizes quite how rarely the image is made to work in our ocularcentric culture when confrontin...
Cai Guo-Qiang


Falling Back To Earth

An otherworldly conference of animal species locked in a moment of singular purpose and apparent harmony. Under the fizz of an impossible sky, this arresting vision by the near ubiquitous Cai Guo-Q...



When perfumer Antoine Lie made the emphatically provocative Secretions Manifiques for Etat Libre d'Orange, he demonstrated a keen sense of olfaction-as-event, even as violence. Here, under what...
Somerset House


Julien Stair: Quietus

A profound and moving installation of Stair's extraordinary funerary vessels in what must surely be the most perfect possible setting. The Deadrooms beneath Somerset House are marked by memoria...
MaisonMartin Margiela


SHOWcabinet: Maison Martin Margiela

Another of SHOWstudios engaging installations this time around the theme of memory linking Margiela's "replica" scents with artworks inspired by same. A selection of artists invited t...
Somerset House


Isabella Blow - Fashion Galore

This exhibition is very ambitious in what it tries (with considerable success) to achieve. Clearly Blow was a force of lasting importance as muse, stylist, innovator, curator and patron. Her abilit...
Fuksas Studio


To leave is to arrive

Due to open next month, this staggering new airport is as likely to be a destination in itself as a mere jumping off point. The gleaming, cathedral-like spectacle offered by the interior spaces fee...
Bill Nelson/GV Art London


NOISE & whispers

Curator Martin A. Smith has put together a thoughtful selection of quite diverse works. He has also eschewed the chaos-as commentary approach for well isolated headphones in all but a couple of cas...


Espice Marine

House perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has remained faithful to his exploration of spacious iridescence and alchemical poise. Suspend precisely between the physical sensuality of woods and spices and th...
Paolo Roversi



Azzedine Alaïa is one of the few living designers whose clothes effortlessly transcend most of what passes for sculpture today. His understanding of form, structure, fabrication and the life o...


Sound Mirrors

An installation combining sculptural elements and field-recordings to articulate the presentation of sound-scapes with the exhibition space. The focusing and reflective qualities of concave discs a...
Olivier Ratsi


Onion Skin

Olivier Ratsi's installation work uses three dimensional constructs plus elaborate computer modeling to create multiple illusion of depth, speed, and spacial change from the fixed viewpoint of ...
David Bowie


Love Is Lost

An engagingly "home-made" aesthetic perfectly suits this artisanal remix of Bowie's Love Is Lost. Chock full of references to earlier  musical works, earlier clips and the cinema...


Aesop, again!

There is a rather interesting progression emerging in Aesop's visionary parade of stores. As each is a bespoke fit for the location and each is utterly different , so there are subtle strands o...
Taylor Cullity Lethlean


The Australian Garden

This remarkable garden by Taylor Cullity Lethlean has just won Best Landscape Project at the World Architecture Festival. Featuring only native plant varieties the design is willfully non-dida...


Kula Kulluk Yakisir Mi

A gorgeous fusion of Iranian and Turkish musical traditions from the restlessly brilliant Kayhan Kalhor. The reliably perfect recording and crystalline purity of sound ensure that a performance of ...
Tokukin Yoshioka



The Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo is showing the work of this hugely influential Japanese artist. Working in architecture, design, sceniography and sculpture, Yoshioka has developed a unique gra...
California College of the Arts.


An Olfactory Archive: 1738 - 1969

In a fascinating attempt to move the focus away from historical reconstruction of formal speculation or the ocularcentric revisioning of spaces, this project brings together historians, perfumers a...
Najla El Zein Studio.


Wind Portal

Najla El Zein's Wind portal, currently at the Victoria And Albert Museum, is a thing of great beauty. Exquisitely constructed from thousands of hand folded paper windmills, elegant 3D printed c...
Elmgreen & Dragset



Elmgreen and Dragset presents us with the meticulously dressed (often from the V&A's collection) apartment of a fictional architect. The details of a complex life emerge through elaborate o...
Philip-Lorca diCorsia


Philip-Lorca diCorcia

This show, running concurrently with Hustlers at Zwirner New York, includes part of an ongoing series called East of Eden. The artist has said the images represent for him the fall from grace, the ...
Neela Vermiere Creations



Ashoka continues the olfactory narrative established by creative director Neela Vermiere and perfumer extraordinaire Bertrand Duchaufour with Trayee, Mohur and Bombay Bling. At once, more subdued y...
Studio Olafur Eliasson


A View Becomes A Window

As the book becomes an increasingly endangered artifact, Studio Olafur Eliasson settle on its highly resonant form to best present this entirely interactive meditation on colour, reflection and opt...
Digital Grotesque


Digital Grotesque

I have written about Michael Hansmeyer's extraordinary work with algorithm based design complexity here several times. This project shows the process of realizing an "occupiable" stru...
Frith Street Gallery


J.G. by Tacita Dean

This collision of three compelling artists sees Tacita Dean exploring the works of Robert Smithson (Spiral Jetty specifically) and the perpetually underrated J.G. Ballard. Through a correspondence ...
Peter Mallet


Gilberto Zorio

Zorio has worked with found material, the discarded and the unwieldy since the 60s. What is striking about this show, in the juxtaposition of old work with new (some of it made for this venue) is t...
Daniel Sannwald


Made To Love

A lushly sensuous video for John Legend which exemplifies one of DTAs favorite themes: the mutability of matter; the slipping and shifting from one state to another as a metaphor for total sensual ...
Roger Hiorns


Rodger Hiorns at The Hepworth

Rodger Hiorns series "Youth" is presented for the first time. Found objects inexplicably issuing flames, are each accompanied by a naked youth creating a relationship between the objects,...
Jam Sutton


Yung Rapunxel

Azelia Banks gets all angry and mythic in this riot of monochrome psycho-delika. In a steely melange of Carlos Castenada,  Alejandro Jodorowsky and a rebooted Rider Haggard this feels like par...


Feldman's Violin And Orchestra

It is had to imagine a more radiant recording of Morton Feldman's work than the 2001 release of The Viola In My Life yet this new release just might be it. The breathtakingly luminous, suspende...
Jesse Kanda


More Twigs!

Another of Jesse Kanda's brilliant videos for the equally brilliant FKA Twigs. Some seriously sensuous algorithms dissolving a drifting body through varying material states from cloth to rubber...
Hilma Af Klint


Hilma Af Klint

The first comprehensive exhibition of this extraordinary artist has traveled from the Moderna Museet Stockholm to Berlin's Hamburger Bahnhof. A painter of visionary, spiritualist abstracti...
Nelson Garrido


Qatar National Convention Centre

Arata Isozaki juxtaposes the sinuous arboreal lines with sleekly modern forms and materials. Where so many architects fail completely to animate either the fanciful gestures of CAD manipulation or ...
Warren Silverman


Irwin at Whitney

The Whitney Museum Of  American Art have a rare showing of Robert Irwin's site specific work Scrim veil—Black rectangle—Natural light.  Designed expressly to exploit ...
Jesse Kanda


Water Me

The utterly wonderful FKA Twigs, here transformed very subtly into a neotenous alien, delivers yet another memorable video in a relatively brief career which already shows more creative ingenuity t...
Hiram Green


Moon Bloom

This is the first fragrance from Hiram Green. A remarkably lifelike interpretation of the notoriously difficult Tuberose. Green has managed to emulate beautifully, not just the static scent of this...
Adam Luszniak


Etat Libre d'Orange in London

Indomitable maverick perfumers Etat Libre d' Orange have opened a store in London. Shed design have invoked the tiled grids of French artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud with fittings suggesting la...
Somerset House


El Bulli

Half a century of innovation, sensory exploration of the highest order and global acclaim culminated in chef Ferran Adria being recognized as the man who single handedly redefined the grammar of ga...
Disney Research


Touched by air

The gaming and entertainment industries are often at the forefront of developments which one might hope were the goals of more traditionally adventurous enterprises. The need for increasingly vivid...
André Morin


Architectural organisms

Brazilian sculptor Oliveira presents this architectural mutation of The Palais De Tokyo as part of an ongoing exploration of forms in revolt. His work links architecture, botany and human anatomy i...
Hayward Gallery


Alternative Guide To The Universe

The most engrossing exhibition The Hayward have mounted in years, this essential show contains more passion, vision, and, often unacknowledged, brilliance that  our over heated art market sees...


Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes

An extensive exhibition examining Le Corbusier's works across numerous disciplines. The importance and influence of his legacy is unpacked both in the context of the exhibition itself but, perh...
Ciguë - Aesop


Aesop, again!

Once again Aesop open another beautifully compact, succinct space in which to market their products. The company's policy of commissioning unique spaces for every location, despite breaking wit...
David Lynch


Came Back Haunted

The unholy union of Nine Inch Nails and David Lynch yields this willfully nightmarish clip for NIN's new single. An eye peeling montage of strobing stills, vibrating close-ups and unsettling ed...
Thames & Hudson


Cornelia Parker monograh

This is a welcome, indeed long overdue survey of the work of one of the most interesting artists practicing today. Parker, while making pieces that are deeply conceptual, also manages to produce wo...



One of perfumeries' genuine travelers, Bertrand Duchaufour, delivers an olfactory sketchbook of the gardens and palaces of Jodhpur. Rose, quince, sandalwood, saffron, coriander, magnolia. Commi...
Philipp Stolz Rittermann


Light experienced

It could be said that Robert Irwin is the artist who lifted the explorations of Rothko and Newman from the canvas and into the world of the whole body. Irwin paved the way for artists like Dan Flav...
Bill Viola


Bill Viola

Exhibitions of new work by Bill Viola do not come along frequently. Each one seems to signal technological advances, philosophical refinements and further steps toward a deeply meditative stasis. I...
Comme des Garçons


Olfactive FX.

Unlike earlier colour-coded series from Comme, this new, Blue group have been released in Comme's signature pebble bottle. In keeping with the companies' sometimes radical, often playful ap...
Studio Saraceno


The surface as dwelling

Tomás Saraceno is rapidly becoming the master of the architectural spectacle. Whilst students from the more theory based academies routinely propose floating cities, parks and dwellings, Sar...
David Maisel


Black Maps

This new and complete survey of David Maisel's aerial photography carries the subtitle: American Landscape And The Apocalyptic Sublime. Maisel's disturbingly beautiful images of ravaged and...
Architecture Chicago


Gehry's liquid monument

In designing this emphatically contrary series of glass elements as the reception desk of an iconic 50s skyscraper, Gehry has created tension between the buildings' uncompromising rectilinear f...
Gagosian Gallery



A series of four tapestries each mirroring a different quadrant of a single Richter painting. The device of mirroring appears across the works of many artists today. From Tadanori Yokoo to Gilbert ...
Ben Westoby


Julie Mehretu

As you penetrate further into this show, the works become more epic in scale and the chapel-like installation promotes focus on dizzying layers of complexity. Mehretu's paintings present a mete...
Faggionato Fine Art


Suda Yoshihiro

Objects which confound or pass unnoticed, quietly coexisting with the garish noise of our cities are rarely found in galleries. Suda's meticulous wood carvings of plants, seeming to grow throug...
Jim Des Riviéres


Jim Des Riviéres

The American Museum Of Natural History has an exhibition of detailed photo-scans of Canadian moths showing the astonishing complexity of coloration and markings. Like impossible, sym...
Tobias Klein


Iris van Herpen's SHOWcabinet

Designer Iris van Herpen curates a selection of pieces exemplifying her own collaborative approach and her heroic use/misuse of material and surfaces. Bridging and defying disciplines and expectati...
Thierry Depagne


Korean Pavilion in Venice

New York based artist Kimsooja has chosen to transform the pavilion using disorienting optical effects counfounding the viewer's experience and expectations. Focusing on the experience of exper...
Florian Holzherr


Light and Turrell

A very good article about the use of light and perception in the works of  artist James Turrell. The piece traces his works from early single room experiments to the monumental earthworks of h...


The Bison treatment

Wonderfully atmospheric video for London Grammar's single Wasting My Young Years. Ingenious use of multiple pin-hole cameras yields up footage which feels at once mistily antique and eerily sup...
Janis Weidner


Permanent Zimoun

A ruthlessly elegant installation featuring Zimoun's signature motor driven beaters activating the metal walls of a disused tank. The resulting sound brings the aural structure to life turning ...
Lucien Hervé


Hervé does Corb in New York.

Lucien Hervé was Le Corbusier's preferred photographer and understood the architects' work in a way rarely seen in the years since his death. This exhibition focuses on the works mad...


Manaugh V Gizmodo

Maverick architectural critic, theoretician and founder of the groundbreaking BLDGBLOG, Geoff Manaugh becomes the new editor of technology info-blizzard Gizmodo. For those readers of DTA who might ...
Channel 4


Under The Knife

A rather beautiful video thoughtfully encapsulating a rather beautiful song.
Ai Weiwei


Ai Weiwei

Hijacking the metal genre both for sonic and narrative tropes, Ai Weiwei turns the tradition of Grand Guignol music video on its head by depicting disturbing personal experiences in place of s...
Patricia Parinejad.


Architectural Graphics Museum

This June Berlin will have a new museum housing a collection of architectural drawings. Russian firm SPEECH have inscribed the concrete exterior with diagrams hinting at the buildings function. The...
James Turrell


Turrell At The Guggenheim

As part of a series of exhibitions across the US this year James Turrell will transform the central atrium space at the Guggenheim into a huge lightwork. The scale will certainly guarantee an envir...
Nonotak Studio



With large-scale 3D mapping becoming a ubiquitous part of most outdoor events and presentations, it is interesting to see work which reduces it to its purest elements and explores the essence of sp...
Chris Hadfield


Space Oddity

An almost unbearably poignant rendition of Bowie's song performed on the International Space Station. The fragility and isolation of the performance is utterly transfixing. At a stroke, through...
United Visual Artists


Vanishing Point

Playing with our sense of spacial proportion and containment, this laser-driven work reshapes volumes and boundaries around the viewer provoking a dynamic sense of the environments through which we...
Carsten Nicholai


unidisplay + uni(psycho)acoustic

Carsten Nicholai continues his explorations of information perception and representation with a fourteen meter projection and immersive sound environment. Perception, illusion and psycho-acoustic p...
Omid Khodapanahi.


Apartment No. 1

Utilizing local masonry offcuts and milled wood, this building manages to inhabit a vernacular material vocabulary while exploring new and interesting formal ideas. At a time when there is so much ...


Chanel at Palais de Tokyo

An exhibition at The Palais De Tokyo in Paris placing the legendary Chanel No. 5 front and center as an aesthetic link between creative personae,  acts, movements and locations. A two way exch...
Olafur Eliasson


Mies award for Eliasson

The Harpa concert Hall and Conference Centre wins the 2013 Mies van der Rohe Award for Olafur Eliasson, and Henning Larsen Architects. Studio Eliasson have bought their expertise with light an...
Fluid Ounce


nu_be elements

Five perfumes corresponding with five elements. Four excellent noses. A beautifully conceived design requiring the completely sealed grey block to be broken in two for access to the bottle. So far,...
Alex Dufner


Darkly atmospheric retail.

James Plumb have created a moodily surreal environment for the basement of menswear retailer Hostem. Lurking in the shadows are discretely customized furniture pieces, items from Hostem's eclec...
Christo & Jeanne-Claude


World's largest sculpture

Proposed as the first permanent example of Christo's work, this piece will be located in Abu Dhabi and made from 410, 000 multi-coloured 55 gallon steel drums.
Rungu Lin 、Mei Zhang


Channeling Schwitters

As Tate Britain exhibit an extensive survey of the works of Kurt Schwitters, this extraordinary project from the South China University Of Technology translates the original Merzbau impulse across ...


New Colors

A new issue of the legendary magazine Colors. Focusing on the construction/extraction/distortion of information which become our news sources, and the transformations afoot as print journalism melt...
Romain Jacquet-Lagreze


Vertical Horizons

Both documenting and speculating on the end-point of Hong Kong's explosive development boom, the works in this new photo-book present a panic-inducing sense of street-level vertigo as the sky f...


Comme des Garçons Black

A darkly spiced, incense laden hymn to olfactory darkness, this is excellent. Surprisingly tenacious, leather, pepper, burnt woods: like being guarded by a dangerous animal.


Monocle Cafe

Chiltern Street in London is rapidly transforming into the perfect  blend of specialist retail and residential championed by Monocle. Appropriate then, that the magazine has opened a very fine...
Alvise Vivenza.


LED enabled transformations

Carnovsky's wonderful RGB wallpapers reveal different scenes depending on the colour of the room lighting. Finally multicoloured LED lighting has a purpose other than impromptu disco moments.


Hermés add two new colognes

In-house magus Jean-Claude Ellena has devised two new colognes for Hermés. Eau de mandarine ambrée and Eau de narcisse bleu.  No surprises here, both clean and light but, somewha...



A darkly atmospheric game which abandons all thought of explaining itself to the real delight of a disorienting and mysterious puzzle.
Iris Van Herpen

The furthest edges of couture

The astonishing constructions of Iris Van Herpen at The International Centre For Lace And Fashion in Calais. From June.
Una Burke



Una Burke collaborates with SHOWstudio at their new Motcomb Street premises focusing on the idea of prosthetic enhancement and adaptation. Until May the 31st.
Philip Vile - Helene Binet


The Shed

A wonderfully red temporary venue for the National Theatre has appeared on the South Bank.
Hayward Gallery


Light Show

The Hayward's super popular Spring show has been extended. Last weeks to catch this mixed offering. Many of the works seem content to demonstrate phenomena. It is the heavy-weights: Eliasson, T...
Keisuke Ishino



A remarkable collection of Outsider Art drawn from  Japanese welfare institutions. These pieces are diverse, often dizzyingly intricate and intensely personal. Remarkably rich and absorbing. U...


Sonomorphic Mirror

Fashion literally collides with physics as Iris Van Herpen joins forces with Nick Knight and Daphne Guinness to create a new 'Crystallization' dress. The resulting video by Geoffrey Lillemo...
Oxford University


Celular design

The 3D printing of functioning celular materials is being developed at Oxford University. Materials simillar to living tissue made from water and lipids. Design at an unimagined scale.


Kenneth Anger

A very lush installation of selections from Kenneth Anger's huge archive of film memorabilia. Emulating the original displays in the artists Hollywood home, this show feels highly personal and,...
Marcel Dzama


Marcel Dzama - David Zwirner - London

A totally engrossing exhibition encomapsing Dzama's, now familliar, works on paper, video pieces and a dramatic series of constructed masks which appear, worn, in some of the drawings. Exhibiti...